West Coast Nostalgia…

I know, I know, muffinmaniac is a cooking blog. But I have warned you in the introduction post: I also happen to have tons of travel pictures, and I have just realized that I haven’t posted a single one of them yet…

Traveling has been such a big part of my life for the past years that I am bitterly missing it, now that I am more or less stuck here. But I keep on daydreaming about leaving again, discovering new places, filling my eyes with the beauty of the world… I try to keep my belongings to a minimum, so when the time will come, I’ll fit my life in a suitcase, and bugger off.

While I’m yearning for some adventure, let’s go through the pictures, and remember what the Californian’s sun felt like on my skin…

San FranciscoGolden Gate BridgeJapanese Tea Garden, San FranciscoPoint Lobos State ParkCA Road 1Morro BaySanta BarbaraMalibu Surfrider BeachDown to the South...Venice Beach, Los AngelesLong Beach, Los AngelesGrand CanyonBig Sur


And yes, indeed, the Grand Canyon isn’t in California. But I love this picture.

No worries folks, the next post will be about baking again… I have a kick-ass recipe from my mama to show you 😉


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